About Us

Welcome to The Vintage Highway Collective – a worldwide community of those who love and appreciate the simpler times!

Fasten your seatbelts

Join the adventure as we take a step back in time to when life was simpler. Roads were dirt, washing machines were manual, and kids could run around barefoot. When the earth wasn’t so choked in pollution and suffocating in plastic, when we could eat whatever we wanted without judgement, when things were built to last and we were grateful.

Cruising the Vintage Highway

The Vintage Highway seed was planted in 2018 when the Facebook Page of the same name was started. From there is sat dormant and waiting until finding life in mid 2019.

I was looking for a blog that would expand outside of my existing brands and blogs. Something that would encapsulate a little bit of everything – a love for upcycled furniture, road trips, travel, architecture, historical stories and haunted places, and more!

Jump on in!

Join the journey by being a guest blogger, advertiser, or by adding a listing to our Classifieds section.

The intention for The Vintage Highway is to be a collective – a community of voices all speaking from the heart.

A Kombi named Peggy

Peggy has taught us to take it slow. You can see a lot more of this highway of life when you ease your foot off the accelerator slightly.

Previously, I was happily building two other brands with my car, Peggy the Kombi, and a personal blog, A World Imperfect. When a technical issue rendered the Peggy website completely useless, it was an old Facebook Page that had my attention again – The Vintage Highway. It fit everything that I was hoping to achieve and more!

Peggy still has her own section on this website, but The Vintage Highway allows her to become just one piece of a larger picture.